Multiple DUI’s, Habitual DUI Offenders

Ann Toney has nearly thirty years of experience and has handled many DUI cases, from juveniles with a clean record to those charged with their 3rd or greater DUI. It is especially important to hire an experienced Colorado DUI Attorney if this is not your first DUI offense.

The graduated penalties for DUI get severe in the state of Colorado. For a second DUI offense, there is a minimum mandatory 10 days in jail. However, Ann Toney’s expertise means she knows the nuances of these types of cases, and knows sometimes it is possible for the defendant to serve these 10 days at home.

On the flip side, it is possible you could serve more than 10 days in jail if this is not your first DUI. It is easy for a judge, given the fact that this is not your first offense, to sentence you to 6 months in jail. For a 3rd DUI, a sentence of a year in jail is not uncommon.

Charged with a second DUI in Aurora? Charged with a third DUI in Longmont? Ann Toney Can Help

There are many pitfalls those charged with a second, third, or greater DUI face. Ann Toney understands the different judges in different counties and how they handle these types of cases. She not only has experience in DUI cases, but in the Colorado courts of every county, including Jefferson, Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas.

If you have a previous DUI and are being charged again, call Ann Toney today for a free consultation.