DUI Penalties in Colorado

The state of Colorado does not take DUIs lightly and the penalties can be severe. A first DUI can result in a suspension of your license, supervised probation, and community service. A second DUI can commonly result in a 6 month jail sentence, and a third DUI can result in a year in jail.

If you refuse the Intoxilyzer or blood test, it usually results in a minimum mandatory 12 month license revocation. Because Ann is trained on the Intoxilyzer, she has a unique perspective that allows her to argue the findings of the test.

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Many people do not realize the roadside field sobriety test is not mandatory. You can refuse this test. If you do not, it will be used against you in court. Ann is certified in the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, and may be able to get this evidence thrown out if it is determined the test was not administered correctly.

Ann Toney has appeared in court in every county in Colorado, and knows the nuances of different counties and judges. With nearly 30 years experience and ongoing, extensive training in her arsenal she is able to provide her clients with the best possible defense.

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