DMV Hearings in Colorado

A DMV hearing is the Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles, the agency that controls your driver’s license. A DMV hearing is a hearing to address your driver’s license in the state. It determines if you can have a license, if your license will be revoked, and what you need to do to get your driver’s license back. These are very complicated areas of the law with many nuances, all of which can affect your driving privileges. Ann Toney is experienced in DMV hearings and these nuances, and having her on your side could be the difference between losing your license and keeping it.

If you are facing a DMV hearing, it is critical to hire a skilled DUI attorney such as Ann Toney that understands all the factors that determine the outcome of a DMV hearing.

Ann understands this specialized area of the law , how many priors, was there a refusal, what were the intoxilyzer results, etc.

At a DMV hearing, you’ll have your hearing officer, which is an administrative officer from the state, the law enforcement officer that signed the Express Consent Affidavit, and your DUI Attorney. If you hire Ann Toney, she will personally be there with you at your DMV hearing. You may not even need to attend the hearing.