Colorado Attorney Defends Tourists and Out-of-State Drivers Accused of DUI

If you were visiting Colorado and charged with a DUI, it is even more important that you hire an attorney who is experienced and has a thorough knowledge of the DUI laws in Colorado.  Ann has represented many people who were visiting from out of state and charged with a DUI and is familiar with their unique set of challenges in overcoming a DUI charge. Colorado has a court system different from any other state, so it is critical to have a local DUI attorney advocating for you in Colorado.

Out of State Drivers Arrested for Drunk Driving in Colorado

Ann’s expertise can help you avoid having to come back to Colorado several times for trial dates.  Ann Toney’s experience means she understands what a judge will and won’t do. It can be worked out that you may only need to come back to Colorado once, for the disposition (plea outcome). Sometimes the disposition can even be done by mail.

Looking for the Best Colorado DUI Attorney Defending Tourists?

Additionally, Ann is familiar with interstate compacts. Your final outcome in Colorado can also affect your license in the state you are from. Interstate compacts can be tricky, and Ann has the experience to make the outcome in your home state as well as in Colorado as beneficial as possible.

Even if you are back home and no longer in Colorado, you can call Ann Toney and have you initial consultation over the phone.

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If you have been charged with a DUI while visiting Longmont, Aurora, Jefferson County, Golden, Arapahoe County, or anywhere else in Colorado, call Ann Toney today for a free consultation.