Caught driving and smoking; know your rights and take advice on how to fight (DUID)

Whether you have been charged for driving under the influence of drugs in Longmont or possession of marijuana in Boulder, you need immediate representation.

In Colorado, any drug that impairs your ability to drive can result in a Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or DUID charge. Often this charge results from driving under the influence of marijuana, but it can also occur when under the influence of prescription or even over the counter medicines.

Experienced Colorado DUID Attorney

Ann Toney has defended many DUID cases across Colorado, including (geographies). She is particularly trained with marijuana and THC, how they interact in the body, and what to look for in a blood result.

Ann Toney’s 28 years of experience and training means she understands how THC interacts in your system, how long it takes for THC to actually be active in your system, and also the inactive ingredients in marijuana that can easily be mistaken on a drug a test.

Penalties for DUID in Colorado

The penalties for DUID in Colorado are very similar to the penalties for a DUI in Colorado. On your first offense it is likely you will not face jail, but if this is not your first DUID, jail time could be possible.

If you are charged with DUID in (geographies), whether it is your first offense or not, Ann Toney’s experience, training, and extensive knowledge on the subject can help save your record and license.

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