Client Endorsements

Client Endorsements

“Ann worked very hard on my case and got the whole thing dismissed.  She never gave up.” D.T.

“I was charged with a DUID and was so afraid.  Ms. Toney took very good care of me. She talked me through it all and helped me even when I was crying because I was so scared.  When she got my DUID dismissed I was so happy.  Ms. Toney worked very hard for me and was always there when I needed her.  Her price was fair and in my view she is well worth every penny.” M.H.

“I am grateful to Ann for what she did for me.  I was looking at a lot of charges including a felony and a DUI.  She got those dismissed and I didn’t have to do any jail.  I am very happy with her services and would highly recommend her to anyone facing charges.” W.B.

“What can I say?  I was looking at losing my driver’s license for two years and going to jail for six months.  I didn’t lose my license and did no jail time.  That says it all.  Miss Toney fought for me.” J.P.

“I’m thrilled with how Ann Toney represented me.  I cannot thank her enough.  She negotiated a great deal for me and although I was supposed to lose my driver’s license, she was able to save it.  That also saved my job.  Lawyers aren’t cheap, but her price was middle of the road, and saving my livelihood made the expense more than worth it.  Thank you Ann.” B.H.

“Ann is my hero and she is a great person.  She never gave up fighting for me and because of that I finally got justice when they dismissed my DUI.  Ann always kept me up to date on what was going on and was very fair in her price.  Though hopefully I’m never in the same position again, if I was I would use her again anytime.  I also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my friends or, God forbid, call her if my family is ever in trouble.” D.G.

“Ann was the second lawyer I hired for my DUI case.  I had a pretty complex case involving multiple branches of law enforcement.  After I paid the first lawyer, the only contact we had was when I would call him and he would tell me that nothing was happening and there was no need to worry.  Then one day after about three or four months he changed his tune and said I should take a plea, meaning I would have to go to jail.  I’m in my sixties and not in the best health, so for me that isn’t an option.  After I got upset with him, he did the only worthwhile thing he ever did for me, and he called Ann.  He told me that he needed to bring her in because she had experience dealing with the law enforcement agency which originally arrested me, and he said it could make or break things.  I wasn’t thrilled about having to pay a second lawyer, but she charged me a flat fee and drove a couple of hours for every court appearance I had for the full year it took to get my DUI finally dismissed.  Ann is hands down the best lawyer I’ve ever encountered and she fought to get my case dismissed.  She’s honest and fair, hard qualities to find now a days, especially in attorneys.”  T.L.

“When my son got arrested my husband and I were scared about what would happen to him, so we called a family friend who is a lawyer.  He told us his firm didn’t do criminal law, but then he gave me Ann’s number and said she would be a good person to talk to.  I was afraid drug charges would affect my son’s college prospects, but Ann calmed me down and talked me through everything.  She was very upfront and honest, which I appreciated.   My neighbor whose daughter had a similar situation (and a lawyer my neighbor had warned me not to use) told me that a drug conviction could affect my son’s financial aid, not to mention his college acceptances.  Ann confirmed this, but she didn’t seem pessimistic or overwhelmed by the situation and said she thought this was a workable case.  Still, knowing what was at stake my husband and I were worried.  Thankfully, and in my view thanks to Ann’s hard work, the prosecutor offered my son a plea to a traffic violation.  Thank God.  He is in school and seems to have learned from this.  If you want a pro, call Ann.”  J.W.