Blood Tests for DUI for Alchohol and Drugs in Colorado

Colorado Blood Test Expert Attorney

If you are pulled over because an officer believes you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the Express Consent law in Colorado requires you to submit to a chemical test, which can be either the Intoxilyzer or a blood test.

If you choose the blood test, your blood will be drawn using a DUI Blood Kit. Two vials of blood are drawn, one for the police department to send to a state funded or contracted laboratory, and one for you to send to a laboratory of your choosing, if you want to get independent results of your own. It can take a few weeks to even a couple months to get the blood results back. When you get the results back is when you know whether your license is going to be revoked.

DUI attorney that understands the Science behind Blood Tests

An experienced DUI Attorney such as know what to look for to ensure the blood tests were drawn correctly and the results are analyzed correctly. There are many factors that can influence the results of the blood test.

If you refuse the blood or Intoxilyzer tests, it usually results in a 12 month suspension of your license. With an experienced DUI lawyer on your side, there is a chance you may not need to have your license suspended.

Drug Testing Cases and DUID

If you refused a test or submitted to a blood test after being pulled over for a DUI or DUID, call for a free consultation.